Meet the Designer.

Eduardo Mendoza is the founder, principal, and creative tour de force behind Deccobello. He uses his innate understanding of space and design, belief in sustainability, and passion for beauty to bring out the best in homes—and in people.

From Lima to the Limelight

Eduardo’s unique approach—a seamless blend of classic elegance, modern sophistication, and wild creativity—uncovers and celebrates each of his client’s unique personalities and tastes as well as their design dreams.

With a broad range of design styles, history, and knowledge at his fingertips, Eduardo can quickly evaluate and suggest eye-catching options for color, texture, and space. He knows when a well-loved armchair should be retired and when recovering in contemporary fabric will give it new life.

A cornerstone of his philosophy is reuse and repurposing: Not everything has to be brand-new or today’s trend! A targeted refresh of your home can give new life and timeless appeal to well-loved spaces, reinvigorating your home’s energy and reviving your enjoyment and comfort.

Eduardo transforms ordinary spaces into rooms with sophistication that encourage you to live well.

Born in Lima, Peru, Eduardo gained an appreciation for color, texture, and art at an early age. He moved to Seattle to study and took a job at Expedia after graduation. In his spare time, he began flipping homes. Soon, word of his talent started to spread, and he launched The Enhanced Home in 2001, and in 2023, expanded services and rebranded the company as Deccobello.

Eduardo has worked with thousands of clients across the nation. He has been featured in Seattle Homes and Interiors and the Puget Sound Business Journal, and on Evening Magazine.

Get to know Eduardo and see how Deccobello can transform your house!


Interior Design, Remodeling, and Home Styling in Seattle, Miami, and internationally.