The Enhanced Home transformed this spacious condo in downtown Seattle using our Refresh+ real estate service, which prepares homes for sale by staging pieces from our private collections alongside existing furniture in the house.

After 18 years of staging and design work, we find that when homebuyers consider a place to live, we believe it’s essential to show them the space’s opportunities. In this case, we rearranged the dining room table to open up the space and used the fireplace as a focal point. To make the bedroom feel more luxurious, our team added three mirrors above the bed to showcase the reflection of the cityscape unexpectedly.

The Enhanced Home also brought in artwork to complement the homeowner’s collection to provide a more dynamic and exciting wall space. The result was a gorgeous home filled with movement and possibility.

Living Room
Living Room

About This Project


Service: Refresh+

Year: 2021

Design Highlights:


  • Gorgeous craftsman-style elements looked dated with green, yellow, and red walls.
  • Existing furniture blended together and made the rooms feel less contemporary.
  • Modern artwork was added to create interest and start conversations.